Friday, August 27, 2004

First Post First Post First Post

Hey everyone!!!!!!!

Now this is so cool, my own weblog. Alright, enough of the self-congratulatoryness - my life, my brain.

For all youse persons who say "what goes on inside my brain", well I have good news

Subjective studies* in laboratories conducted on 1,200,000 bedbugs split equally into 3 groups all around 2 weeks old over 3 month period in white walled laboratories only have proven now that my brain is a hive of weird activity & strange connections between things that arent usually connected. Thanx to international backpackers, our drought of bedbugs is now well & truly over. Hooray for Hollywood

There you go! Science & its proper research methods have backed up my own personal findings that I think outside of the box

Now that I have credibility behind what I say, here goes:


I am missing life outside this bedroom! Seriously, this flu is up to Day 10 & continuing. The full on thing is the lack of energy in my bones. No idea when this will end, but I am now getting immune to feeling embarrassed about cancelling things.
Shows how life is very very very very very organised down to every hour.

But at least I have had a lot of time to do things that have nothing to do with massage. Yep, sit on the Internet!

... listen to Radio National & other ABC outlets (if Julie McCrossin was my mum, Kerry O'Brien was my dad, Phillip Adams was one of my uncles - well, Xmas gettogethers would be pretty lively)

... look up every 6 hours just to see if he's written a new blog

... back to

then realising that I am lacking in other interesting places to go on the Internet

Being sicko-sicko is an interesting place to be.

Is anyone going to Benny's standup gig on Saturday?



• all the things happening that I hear about I will paste up on this site
• all the things that happen to me which are hilarious (which, when I think about it, are a lot)
• all the things that I see in the news which seem to stream from the mouths of Alexander Downer, John Howard, Dub-ya, Ross Cameron (the 'I'm a Christian & an adulterer), George Brandis (the Greens are Nazi's guy) - and if I can stand it - Piers Akerman. Very funny
• good news on the front of consciousness, altnerative energy, intentional communities, public transport, yayness and anything else like this
• confest world
• massage
• massage
• massage
• reiki
• massage
yep, a bit of that in my life
• stupid jokes & strange images that pop into my head

Whats more, its all amazing!

Cheers, love, light & lots of broccoli

* ibid, pp454, 654-657 et al, JYTR, Washington, Uzbekistan - Hypothesis "To prove that Eric thinks outside of the box"


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