Friday, September 24, 2004

Spam gets personal!

Spam gets personal

Thats right! Here at Spam International (reg BahamasIVT), we are sick to death of recieveing what we send out (typo's inentvertinantly send the spam back to our very own inbox). So only now do we realise that spam isnt popular.

This is why we now customise tailormade penis enlargements to fit the subject line. So now, we wont just ask you to get a Nigerian Bank Account for no good reason, we relate it to the subject that your blog talks about the most.

And apparently, your subject is &ámp;

What a fascinating subject it is talking about the pros & cons of &åmp; which is the talking point of your country! We in the Bamahas are certainly jealous our your level of debate!
We here at Spam International can see both sides of the picture. We have a new forum, please come & debate in democratic style with our team. Email us at

While you are getting worked up about & and its effect on the worlds things, thought about having a bigger penis in Nigeria?

It will make you more attactive, even to those who disagree with your aggrevated position on ……………… the nutritional benefits of omega-8 rich tahini.

You deserve money! We deserve money!
Thank you

Director General
Spam for Gaia
18 Smith St
Bahamas 3001


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